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Chairman’s Pro Tempore Message

Felipe Basulto

SFLHCC | Chairman's Pro Tempore
Market President South Florida Retail Banking
TD Bank America’s Most Convenient Bank
255 Alhambra Circle 2nd Floor Coral Gables FL 33134
(305) 569-5444


Chairman’s Pro Tempore Message

Dear SFLHCC Members:
The South Florida Hispanic Chamber stands out as a special organization primarily due to the members and sponsors who contribute to support our efforts in providing quality value added events and activities. As an organization, our primary goals align to the established committees. Each one of these groups works diligently to create programming and events to better serve, educate and connect within our community. Please do get involved in order to network with the outstanding group of people involved.

This term as Chairman belongs to Ralph Gonzalez-Jacobo. As many of you know, we suffered the unexpected loss of Ralph during his tenure. We are grateful and appreciative that we had the privilege of his leadership during his many years of service to our chamber. He will be missed. His family and employer, Ocean Bank have been a large part of this organization for countless number of years and we look forward to continuing our mutual connection to Ralph for many more years to come.

As we prepare to transition to the Chair-Elect’s induction as Chairman, we will continue to liven our Ralph’s legacy as board chair and continue his vision for a better South Florida. It is a honor to have been asked to return to serve as Chairman Pro Tempore in order to carry out that mission. This is a very special group of people for me personally and I humbly serve to assist in however our chamber can make a difference.

Thank you to Lily for her on going commitment, to the Board of Directors for their passion and to our members and sponsors for their on going support.