Young Professionals Council (YPC)

Young Professionals Council (YPC)


  • To create a welcoming atmosphere where young professionals can meet, connect, learn, and prosper together.
  • Created an opportunity for young professionals to meet and learn from those who came before them.
  • As the current SFLHCC membership base ages, there should be a loyal membership base ready to step in and ensure the organization remains a going concern.

Activities and Benefits

  • All of SFLHCC Membership benefits
  • Monthly networking opportunities: luncheons, with hosting/sponsorship opportunities, and RSVP list available to all attendees
  • Opportunity to participate in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program and become a mentor for a sr. high school students
  • Access to video archives of online events
  • Participation in group events—golf tournaments, domino tournaments, cigar & wine tastings
  • Opportunities for leadership roles within the Council
  • Online tools and educational materials
  • Online services, e.g. web hosting, cloud storage space, referral for design and development services
  • Online Published Membership Directory
  • Career development services – volunteer to help other YP members with resume
  • Mentorship opportunities with more seasoned SFLHCC members

Workshop Topics for YPs

  • Business Spanish Seminar
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retirement Planning for the under 40 crowd
  • Taking your career/start-up to the next level
  • Geographical business development opportunities (midtown, downtown, design district, little Havana, Miami beach, etc.)
  • Leadership skills for young managers
  • Relationship building success tips from master networkers from the SFLHCC