Youth Entrepreneurship Program

South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation

The SFLHCC, Southwest Airlines, the City of Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County Public Schools partner annually for its Education Enhancement Fellowship Program whereby financially disadvantaged students of Miami dade County Public Schools are selected by a committee for an opportunity to travel to an out-of-state conference with all expenses paid. These students are provided with the necessary tools to see wat it is like in the real business world. In the last 16 years, over 182 students have benefitted from this program. companies such as Facebook and Microsoft in Seattle ave hosted students as well as Macy’s in New York, Comcast in Philadelphia and Coca Cola in Atlanta, among others. The purpose of this program is to expose students to uniquely successful business leaders and to show them different models for business achievement.

Scholarship Program

The SFLHCC since 1995 has had a program whereby financially disadvantaged minority students are selected to receive a scholarship. The selected students will receive funds that are transferred to the school of their choice and their grades are monitored to make are they are maintaining the required GPA.

Internship Program

The SFLHCC provides paid internships to students who qualify for this program.

For more information on these programs, call 305-534-1903

If you are interested in supporting the SFLHCC Foundation, please see the following donor categories. All contributions are tax deductible.

Patron: $20,000 annually

Company logo on website, two tables of 10 at the annual fundraising event of the foundation, recognition as Patron in all literature pertaining to foundation

Benefactor: $10,000 annually

Company logo and a table of 10 at the annual fundraising event of the foundation and recognition as a Benefactor

Corporate Donor: $5,000 annually

Company logo on invitation; five tickets to the annual fundraising event of the foundation and listed as a Corporate Donor on all literature pertaining to foundation

Corporate Friend: $2,500 annually

Listed as a Corporate friend on all literature pertaining to foundation

Please call us at (305) 534-1903 if you are interested in supporting our programs.