• Friday , 22 March 2019

Hispanic Women’s Society Network


The SFLHCC’s women’s committee hosts four luncheons annually.  They are the Fashionably Red Heart Disease Awareness Luncheon in February, the Little Blue Dress Business Luncheon in August, the Fashionably Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon in the month of October and the Women Empowering and Embracing Women Awards of November.   The HWSN is one of the most recognized chamber committees for the amazing work the women due in raising funds for different charities while at the same time providing speaker on issues of importance to women.  Businessmen participate as well in order to connect with women entrepreneurs, a segment that is increasing continuously and is a great force of our economy.

Fashionably Pink Luncheon in support Pink Breast Cancer Awareness


Fashionably Pink Luncheon  in support of Heart Disease and the Fashionably Red Heart Disease Awareness Luncheon


Blue Dress Business Luncheon