Week 3/1/2024 Newsletter - SFLHCC President Liliam M. Lopez Explores the City of Sweetwater

SFLHCC President Liliam M. Lopez Explores the City of Sweetwater

Sweetwater, also known as the City of Sweetwater, is a charming and inviting destination expressed by its Mayor, José "Pepe Díaz," who describes it as "Agua Dulce," a lovely place to explore. The city is home to several prominent companies, including NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, Badia Spices, Inc., Dolphin Mall, and IKEA, which contribute to its unique and special character. Additionally, the presence of Florida International University adds to the city's appeal and vibrancy.

SFLHCC extends its gratitude to Mayor José "Pepe Díaz" for his warm hospitality and for extending the invitation to visit Sweetwater. Special recognition also goes to the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Maria Alejandra Membreno, for her contributions to the city. Sweetwater is truly a gem worth discovering and experiencing.

Chamber Member Spotlight

The WOW Center is an Adult Day Training (ADT) center that currently supports and serves over 200 adults with developmental disabilities from Miami-Dade County aged 21 to 75. The purpose of all The WOW Center services is to offer support, guidance, and encouragement to adults with developmental disabilities regarding their personal choices, abilities, growth, and independence.  For more information about The Wow Center please visit their website

Arlene Peterson, the esteemed Executive Director of the Wow Center, is recognized for her outstanding philanthropic contributions and will be receiving the prestigious Philanthropy Award at the upcoming Hispanic Leadership Awards ceremony on April 5.

Chamber Member News

The Everglades Foundation

Lake Okeechobee is currently discharging massive amounts of brown dirty water to our pristine coastal estuaries during peak tourism season. These discharges not only impact the communities on the receiving end of the discharges but also cloud the optics of clean water in the tourism-based economy across Florida.  


We need to fully fund and expedite Everglades restoration projects to be able to store, clean, and send Lake Okeechobee water South to not only nourish the Everglades and recharge the aquifer but also to better manage our water resources to avoid these damaging scenarios in the future. It is important that the Florida Senate meet the Governor’s Budget Request and fully fund Everglades restoration, including $550 million for CERP generally and $64 million for the EAA Reservoir specifically, and we encourage the Senate to allow that money to be used for construction of the EAA Reservoir pump station.

To find your senator please visit

Florida International University's SOBEWFF

SFLHCC President Liliam M. Lopez had an incredible evening at the Florida International University's SOBEWFF dinner at Adrift Miami. The dinner was exquisite, with great company; it couldn't have been any better! Thank you to Michelle Palacio, Karla Marie Fortuny, Anthony Rionda, and FIU President Dr. Kenneth A. Jessell for a beautiful evening!

Commissioner Raquel Regalado and Liliam M. Lopez

Diego Zambrano and Liliam M. Lopez

SFLHCC Hispanic Leadership Awards Recipients Revealed


The Consulate General of Japan in Miami Hosted Distinguished Guests in Miami-Dade

The Consulate General of Japan, Kazuhiro Nakai, welcomed distinguished guests from Miami-Dade in celebration of the Emperor's birthday.

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